Film Project Update

Renegade of Light
School of Fish Productions is now at the point that will require funding. While the total cost of production is estimated at $5 million, an initial $100k is needed to prepare all of the legal work, e.g. PPM, LLC, copyrights etc. to launch this project to investors and producers. The budget of $5 million does not include an “A” list actor. School of Fish Productions is also reaching out to investors and film professionals who will resonate with the metaphysical overtones contained within the story. While “Renegade of Light” captures and exposes the very core of conspiracy that began at the beginning of Human creation, we believe that it will create an explosive buzz on a global scale that will introduce to the world a new controversy that has never existed. We believe the awakening of the world is at hand. School of Fish Productions is very bold. It is very important to us to inform investors the nature of this project. It is not for the faint of heart. It will require courage. We believe that such a story, coupled with the proper distribution to this changing world, will result in a phenomenal return to its investors.