Jason McLeod to Write New Novel based on Screenplay of Renegade of Light

Jason McLeodJason McLeod

Author of Dark Siege and Our Journey Home, Jason McLeod is writing a new novel based on the screenplay “Renegade of Light.” 

Jason McLeod is an Intuitive Empath. His innate ability to expand his awareness sometimes enables him to help facilitate communication between the physical world that we can see and touch and the intangible world of energy and spirit. He does this by receiving feelings, emotions and even messages from those who have withdrawn from their physical bodies and relays them to the people who were closest to them during their most recent physical incarnation or ‘lifetime.’ He assists people by allaying any fear that they might have about embarking upon the proper transition out of embodiment, and by gently guiding them to a comfortable, peaceful state where they could, if they so choose, cross over properly into the higher dimensions and ultimately — to return Home to Source.

Since he was a teenager, Jason McLeod instinctively knew that he was intricately and permanently connected to the Creator. He understood that all things everywhere were a part of a flawless, perfect, intelligent design. He knew that to truly connect to this marvelous creation, all one had to do was expand their awareness outside of the limited perceptions of the physical body by quieting the mind and by then reaching out with their feelings to truly find a deep connection to the Source of all that is. He knew that every plant, animal and insect was an individuated aspect of the totality of the Creator of the Universe and all life within it. He liked to use the analogy of describing this Source as akin to the brilliant, glorious Sun radiating at the center of our Solar System and that he and all things everywhere were individual sparks cast off from that Sun — sparks that make up the very core of our being. It was through this understanding that McLeod knew that no matter what happened to the temporary physical body, the spirit body was completely safe because the Creator is the ultimate power in the universe, and because we had that ‘God Spark’ within us, we were always protected and would always be filled by and could always rely on that great power. He knew that because the Creator is infinite and immortal, so too are individuated fragments of Source called ‘Souls.’ Jason knew that God is Life and Life is God. God is everywhere life is to be found. And wherever life is found, God is present.McLeod had always been fascinated by spirits and the spirit world. He had also been captivated by ghost stories and in the supernatural and had spent hundreds of hours as a young teenager in the middle school and high school libraries, examining film strips, listening to audio cassettes, reading books and delving into the lost or hidden secrets of the world. The subject of death had always fascinated him, not from a morbid, dark standpoint, but from a deeply-rooted knowing that the physical body was simply a vessel that the immortal spirit animated to experience an earthly life. He believes wholeheartedly that the infinite Soul that animates the body is what gives it life and personality.

He believes that the immortal consciousness that animates the body is what we miss when it disembarks back into the Realm of Spirit and leaves those still in their mortal instruments behind to grieve. It is called a ‘passing away’ for a reason, for we literally pass away from the sunlit majesty of the physical world into the realm of the spiritual world. In both worlds, the Creator reigns supreme.Few things in life have been as gratifying and satisfying to McLeod as helping families by acting as an intermediary or messenger to help those in bodies interact with their disembodied loved ones. It enables a profound healing and sense of closure to take place — a lasting resolution so that everyone involved can go on — in peace. It affords a level of understanding about the unseen world around us and fills us with hope of a better world beyond the one we had previously known — beyond the limited ability of the human body’s faculties to perceive.

Today, McLeod conducts engaging presentations on the fascinating subjects of spirituality, consciousness, quantum physics, meditation, metaphysics, and paranormal investigation on radio blog broadcasts, and at paranormal conventions, spirituality expositions, in churches and at New Age events throughout the world. He has spent the last 28 years helping individuals and families compassionately interact with the spirits of loved ones who have left their bodies and who have chosen to linger in the places they felt most comfortable in and near the people whom they’d felt most connected to during their most recent physical lifetime or incarnation. He feels that it is his life purpose to assist mankind by helping them remember their true Divine Nature and by gently guiding them home to their Creator once their physical ‘lifetime’ is complete.